Greenbelt 2007

At Greenbelt 2007, OuterSpace ran two sessions at the ‘Hattons Grace’ venue – a room at the top of the Grandstand. As it turned out, the venue was much too small as both sessions were completely packed out with over 100 people at each!

The first session was based around a panel of people telling their stories about what it means for them to be a lesbian or gay Christian in today’s church. The second session was a time for reflection and worship based around stories of coming out.

There were some very funny stories, and also people shared their more negative experiences – but when at the end of the first session the panel was asked why they stuck with the church, one person summed it up beautifully – “because I love it”.

Greenbelt 2007 was a great time of stories, reflection, meeting new friends and meeting with God.