Greenbelt 2013

Below is a breakdown of the Outerspace events from 2013…

Friday at 8pm in The Living Room:  The Big Gay Friday Night Fabulous at Forty Quiz:  join us for a lighthearted and chilled start to the festival – back after its sparkling Sunday afternoon debut last year, and now in the homely surroundings of the Living Room.  Prizes galore and, in true Outerspace style, absolutely everyone is welcome.  Don’t worry about bringing a team along – though it would be great if you could – we’ll make sure no-one’s left out, and you can look forward to meeting new Outerspacers and catching up with some familiar faces too.  See you there!

After The Big Gay Friday Night Fabulous at Forty Quiz in The Jesus Arms: A chance to join members of the Outerspace team & welcome new faces to this years festival and relax with a social drink.

Saturday at 7pm in Aspire:  The Outerspace Eucharist.  The highlight of the festival for many of us, when we have an opportunity to share together in an inclusive service where who we are and what we believe are held together in the mystery and fellowship of the eucharist.

 After The Outerspace Eucharist in The Tiny Teatent: A chance to join members of the Outerspace team & continue the conversations and reflexions from this years eucharist.

Sunday from 9.30 – 11pm in The Hub:  Tenx9: Love Stories: 10×9 is a storytelling format where 9 people have up to 10 minutes each to tell a true story from their lives.  The literature venue and Outerspace are delighted to join together to host this 10×9 event. We want to hear your real stories of love – love found, love forbidden, just love, brave love, equal love, unexpected love. We are looking for diverse stories from people of all identities. Come and enjoy a wondrous evening of storytelling and truthtelling. Tweet us on @tenx9

After Tenx9 in The Wine Bar: A chance to join members of the Outerspace team to continue the conversations from the previous session.

Monday at 5.30pm in Jenin:  Steve Chalke Q&A with Benny Hazlehurst:  Following Steve Chalke’s support for same-sex partnerships, a gentle Q&A session to give LGB&T Christians and their families an opportunity to join the conversation with Steve in a safe, positive environment for everyone.  Benny Hazlehurst is a founder member of Accepting Evangelicals which promotes a more accepting and affirming attitude to same-sex relationships.  Ordained in the Church of England over 20 years ago, he is a committed evangelical and has served on General Synod.  He is also a regular contributor to the Church of England Newspaper