About OuterSpace

OuterSpace is committed to the church and to helping everyone find their way in the church, no matter what their background.

We try to look beyond the dry intellectual debates that surround the whole area of gender and sexual orientation, and to focus instead on hearing the stories of real people’s faith, in order to understand the different journeys that LGBT Christians are on.

It is by humanising the debates, by sharing experiences and by engaging in constructive dialogue that the church, in all its forms, can begin to reflect the reality of the world around it, and start to make a positive difference in people’s lives – both within and outside the church.

Each year at Greenbelt, OuterSpace will outwork this belief by hosting speakers, discussions, times of reflection and times of fellowship – all with the aim of supporting LGBT Christians on their journeys of faith, and helping all churches to understand what it means to have LGBT people as part of their communities.

Resource List

A list of books, DVDs and other resources that OuterSpace members have found incredibly useful can be found on the site here.

See for Yourself

You can find out more about OuterSpace in this video from Greenbelt: